Impact100 Greater Chesapeake
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About Us

Who are we?

In 2017, a group of local women met in Annapolis, MD with the idea of giving life to effective philanthropy in our community. They wanted to make a significant difference in our community.  They had the idea to transform their collective efforts and resources into a viable plan of action.

The inspiration came from a group of similarly-minded women in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wendy Steele had the idea to promote philanthropy among women.  In 2001, Wendy mobilized close friends and business associates to form a nonprofit operating as IMPACT 100 in the Cincinnati area. The concept was simple, yet ambitious. The Cincinnati founders recruited 100 women to donate $1,000 each, and collectively funded a $100,000 grant to a charitable initiative which demonstrated the potential for community impact and sustainability.

Our Mission

Impact100 Greater Chesapeake is a group of women who are committed to making a lasting impact by collectively funding transformational grants and raising awareness of charitable organizations within our community.

Focus Areas

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